Sediment Symposium: Quantifying In-Stream Sediment and Biotic Responses Presentation Videos

At the Sediment Symposium, researchers review and summarize our overall understanding of current scientific knowledge of in-stream sediment. The video archive of the presentations is available.

To view the presentations, please visit this website:  http://oregonstate.edu/conferences/event/2013sedimentsummit/videoarchive...

DISCIPLINE: Disciplinary Results    STUDY: Alsea, Hinkle Creek, Trask    TYPE: Presentations    TAGS: Conference, Video, Sediment, Stream, Turbidity, Macroinvertebrate, Amphibian, Road, Fish, Oregon
Using in situ Turbidity to Estimate Sediment Loads in Forested Headwater Streams: A Top-down versus Bottom-up Approach
Meadows, M. W.

Suspended sediment and in situ turbidity data from two western Oregon streams, Oak Creek and South Fork Hinkle Creek, were used to estimate annual sediment loads for the 2006 water year (October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006). Water samples and in situ turbidity observations were taken following the Turbidity Threshold Sampling (TTS) protocol. The annual hydrographs for Oak Creek and South Fork Hinkle Creek were divided into storms which resulted in storm-specific relationships between in situ turbidity and Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC). In the relationship between SSC and in situ turbidity, especially for Oak Creek, there are counterintuitive value which had to be vetted out with values of laboratory turbidity, hydrograph characteristics, and hysteresis loops. Observations of in situ turbidity considered erroneous were adjusted manually with the TTS-adjuster program. The objectives of this study were to determine the efficacy of an automated turbidity adjustment program compared with a manual turbidity adjuster, and to determine the efficacy of two in situ turbidity and SSC relationships to predict annual sediment loads. Relationships between SSC and in situ turbidity were made to estimate annual sediment load for Oak and South Fork Hinkle Creeks. The SSC vs. in situ turbidity relationships were made for storm-specific time periods and for the whole water year.

DISCIPLINE: Hydrology & Water Quality    STUDY: Hinkle Creek    TYPE: Theses    TAGS: Suspended sediment, Suspended Sediment Concentration, Turbidity, in situ turbidity, sediment load
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